Best Primary Doctor in Glendale, California

Adult Primary Care, Geriatrics, Dermatology & Aesthetics. Accepting New Patients Vida Family Practice is specialized in Primary Care, Geriatric medicine, Chronic Diseases management, along with Case Management team and Patient Education tools providing effective medical care. We also assist our patients in selecting the appropriate health plan or provider network group to serve their needs in the area. Vida Skin Beauty Center is part of our wellness center specialized in providing various non-invasive cosmetic and holistic procedures, including CO2 Laser resurfacing. Cosmetic and Holistic services are not covered by insurances, but Cherry Financing and CareCredit are available. DermClinic provides dermatology services including skin biopsies, skin lesions destructions, and cosmetic procedures, but does not accept HMOs plans. You may request referrals to other in-network dermatilogist for consultation. Best Primary Doctor in Glendale, California